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With less than a few days left before August, it’s about time! 🚚 huhu college feels #vsco #vscocam

Posting another image of him because the drama ends today. #doctorstranger #leejongsuk

바쿠나야~ 보고십다 ❤️ #이종석 #닥터이방인 #LeeJongSuk #DoctorStranger  (닥터 이방인 16화 | Doctor Stranger EP16에서)
i’m done watching Doctor Stranger. OTL?!!!! I can say that this is one of the best dramas I’ve watched. I cried T_______T 
I Hear Your Voice, Triangle, You’re All Surrounded, Hotel King & King of High School… huhu with just 2 weeks left of summer vacation, how am i supposed to finish all of this again i cried
I love traveling, a lot . it’s like “memorymaking”, isn’t it? you only have to pick a place, a date and go, make one more memory out there.
—Tamuna Aravisishvili (via wnq-writers)